Saturday, 10 May 2008

Bloody Idiots

Ok it appears over night that someone thought it would be a great idea to delete all the posts from my blog. I'm not impressed as you can imagine.
Never to be one to be defeated, i'll have it back up and running over the process of this week, with some great new stuff for you.

Hugs Lisa

1 comment:

Deesap said...

I read your comment about "Bloody Idiots" and can I just say, love I think you are being very restrained. I would not be so soft. How dare this moron think he/she can just delete someones hard work. I reckon that is lower than a frog a**e.
Sorry, but it really gripes me when "Richard Craniums" try this stunt. More power to you for not giving up & starting again, sweetie.
Good luck with your site. I will be back to see how you are going after this setback.